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Riporto di seguito il testo dell’intervento, lucidissimo e di davvero elevato spessore, di Francesco Zavattolo, segretario generale Ficiesse, al Presidio Euromil che si è tenuto a Roma il 16 ottobre 2014, con un forte “bravo” al nostro segretario generale.


L’unica cosa che, evidentemente, Francesco non ha potuto dire, ma che dico io come cittadino italiano, è che il ministro della difesa Roberta Pinotti sulla delicatissima questione dei diritti ai militari si sta comportando per la seconda volta (dopo la legislatura 2006/2008) come una scandalosa voltagabbana e nella manifestazione del 25 ottobre indetta da Cgil, alla quale parteciperemo, chiederemo a Renzi le sue immediate dimissioni.


Non è assolutamente accettabile, infatti, che un politico, per di più del PD, cambi posizione a seconda:


1) che sia all’opposizione, reclamando il diritto di associazione per i cittadini militari per dare, DOPO 67 ANNI, attuazione al sempre vilipeso ARTICOLO 52 DELLA COSTITUZIONE DELLA REPUBBLICA ITALIANA, per il quale “L’ordinamento delle Forze armate si informa allo spirito democratico della Repubblica”;


2) o che sia al governo, in tal caso negando in modo pervicace e sfrontato quel medesimo diritto per assecondare i desiderata dei vertici delle Forze Armate e delle collegate lobbies degli armamenti.


Ministro Pinotti, stiamo parlando di una disposizione ancora scandalosamente inattuata della nostra Costituzione e che ci impone l’Europa. Stiamo parlando delle istituzioni legittimate all’uso della forza e delle armi e quindi dei fondamenti basilari per le libertà di ogni paese democratico.


Sono cose che evidentemente lei non è in grado di comprendere. Per questo, si dimetta subito da ministro della Difesa per il bene del paese, della democrazia e dei cittadini italiani.




GIUSEPPE FORTUNA (Presidente del Comitato Articolo 52 – Militari tra la Gente)










I wish to thank Euromil and the president Emmanuel Jacob for having invitied us to this event.


Mr. Rossi has not attended this important international meeting ‎this is prove of the embarrassment of the italian Government


I represent Ficiesse, a civic organiztion made up of citizen and Guardia di Finanza servicemen that wish to promote solidarity beetween them.


Italy is probably the only country in Europe that has a police force that deals with economics and financial duties under military regulations. our opinion is that this important institutional function must be practised by a civil organization.  


We believe that demilitarization  of guardia di finanza. is fundamental non that much for g.d.f. servicemn but for collectivity


If I were asked to give a name to this meeting, I would call it “Europe of Rights”, in light of the judgementissued a few days ago by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


The judges of the court have set a basic principle: one thing is to restrict the excercise of freedom of association by military personnel, another thing is to deny the existence of these rights


This is the point. Military representarion in Italy has value within the armed forces only. It just suggests proposals or opinions but the protection of the interests of workers is up to the Military Administration itself. Here it is the first conflict of interests: how can one person represents, at the same time, two different kinds of interestes that sometimes are conflicting? It is as if Mr. Marchionne, Ceo of Fiat, would hold the same position of Mr. Landini, secretary general of Fiom.


In order to understand how complex and delicate this time we are living is, one has to think of the 4 bills about the system of military representarion which have been laid down at our Parliament.


Two of these, laid down by SEL (left party) and Movimento 5 Stelle foresees the introduction of Trade unions within our armed forces.


The third proposed by D’Arienzo (democratic party), introduces the right of association and foresees a change of the ongoing sustem.


The fourth, which is also the last for originality, vision and courage, laid down by Scanu Calipari and other member of the democratic party, does not foresees any worthy modification.


The Law will be probably based upon the text presented by Scanu. If this will be the case, military representarion will not obtain anything again.


You may ask how is this possible.


Over the past 25 years the issue about democratization of armed forces and armed polices has not being discussed, neither in Parliament nor in civil society.


It took the presence of Europe to face seriously the matter.


For two particular reasons: the gradual extension of rights to military personnel, especially economically, obtained by the personnel of Polizia di Stao (service time and reorganization of careers) and the progressive extension of lobbying power within the military summit and the war industry, due to the professionalization of the armed forces and international missions.


Within this context of economic crisis, of a weak and absent politics and of an academic world that lack interest, one did not talk anymore about rights and democratization. 


Analogous with what is happening in the rest of the busines world, we are staring at the constant erosion of worker’s rights especially in a sector such as the military one that already sufferes limitations.


The minister of defense is working at a white book on a new model for defence. with reference to human resources, a white impenetrable wall is being traced between the military world and the rest of civil society. military leaders, one year ago, would not have even thought abiut proposing this.


This division of the foundation, that I am not afraid of defining reactionary and of the nineteenth century, is absolutely to avoid. History teaches us that it is dangerous.


All the more so if it involves the Arma dei Carabinieri, that has mainly police duties and above all if it involves the Guardia di Finanza that deals almost exclusively with matters regarding economic and financial duties.


Separating these two military bodies  from the rest of civil society , means to put at risk the democratic seal of the country.


Not to mention that today in order to protect one’s interests, military personnel are sistematically forced to pursue administrative justice at their own expenses (very often it does not worth the effort and one desists). furthermore hopes of winning are reduced since several councillors of state are from the military geriarchy. it is probably not a fortuitous event that 95% of appeals are rejected in teh second degree of judgement.


During coming week, depending on the bill that will be the basic text of the law, we will understand if Italy is on the track following article 11 of the european convention of human rights or not.


Our parlamentarians will have to choose between the sacred rights of military personnel or freezing, with some little update (that will be most received by the delegates rather than by represented personnel) of the current situation in Scanu bosom.


In between the project of D’Arenzio, that at least is open to the right of association. 


My thoughts, and the thoughts of the association that i represent, is that parliament should abandon reargard proposals. it should try hard to equip military personnel with a new instrument of protection that guarantees the fundamental rights and the opportunity to defend one’s own interest, without underminig the internal cohesion and operative capacity.


It is a paradox that a soldier can join a political party and do active politics and cannot join or form any professioanl association. the italian constitution does not prohibit it. european legislation dictaets it.












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